Welcome to Idre Fjäll and the Ski Cross World Cup

Members of the media play an important role as the "voices" and intermediaries of the event through photography, reporting and TV footage. We will ensure that you will have the best possible working conditions for you to do a great job!


For accreditation please use our online accreditation form or send an e-mail to our Chief of Media, Nisse Schmidt. Please provide your full name, name of your agency/company or if you are freelance, your media (TV/Radio/Photographer/ Journalist) and e-mail and mobile/ cell phone number for convenient event information distribution.

You will receive your accreditation, ski pass and parking permission if needed at the Race Office in room Nipsalen located in the main building at Idre Fjäll. Please show your press ID or FIS accreditation upon collection of your accreditation.

For all accredited media personnel, rental skis and high speed Wi-Fi will be free of charge.

Press contact

Nisse Schmidt, Chief of Media Accreditation, TV matters, Programme, Media Center


Phone: +46 70 367 07 77


Box 202, 790 91 Idre​

Telefon: +46 760 063 696