We will enlist the help of around 100 volunteers during the World Cup competitions. The volunteers will be working on the course, as hosts in the finish area, with the media, with service, logistics or transportation during the event.

If you are interested in working as a volunteer during this winter's most exciting event please contact us at funktionar@worldcupidrefjall.com.

What do volunteers do?

Most volunteers will work on the course and help maintain the course. These volunteers need to be very good skiers as the course can be challenging and strong skiing skills are required.

In the finish area hosts will be helping and serving our guests, spectators, media and sponsors as well as competitors. They will also ensure that the correct people get access to the correct areas in the finish area.

Many of the volunteers also help in the building and installation of the competition area and other facilities.

Without the help, commitment and competence of the volunteers we would not be able to accomplish this event. We are very grateful that you will help us make this event a success!




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