Swedish Ski Cross Team

The Swedish National Ski Cross Team is made up of eight young skiers who are passionate about ski cross:

Sandra Näslund, Victor ”VÖN” Öhling Norberg, Viktor Andersson, Victor Sticko, Alexandra Edebo, Erik Mobärg, Lisa Andersson and David Mobärg.

The Swedish Ski Cross Team is (one of) the best team in the world - the winners of the World Championships 2017, for both women and men and always conquering high scores in the world Nations Cup.

This season the team is aiming higher and are wanting victories in the World Cup races and the Olympic Winter Games.

Good luck and go for it!

The Swedish National Team in Ski Cross


Sandra Näslund, Kramfors Alpina Klubb

Lisa Andersson, Gävle Alpina

Alexandra Edebo, IFK Mora Alpina


Victor Öhling Norberg, Funäsdalens SLK

Viktor Andersson, Vemdalens Alpina

Viktor Sticko, IFK Mora Alpina

Erik Mobärg, Edsåsdalens SLK

David Mobärg, Edsåsdalens SLK


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Telefon: +46 760 063 696

E-post: info@idrefjall.se